A Lovely Love Story China Mug
A Lovely Love Story China Mug
Edward Monkton

A Lovely Love Story China Mug

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A Lovely Love Story China Mug  by Edward Monkton from Muglamania Mugs

 This design has "A LOVELY LOVE STORY" above an illustration of two dinosaurs with red love heart between them. Text on the reverse of the mug reads:

"The FIERCE DINOSAUR was TRAPPED inside his cage of ice until the LOVELY OTHER DINOSAUR came and melted it with KIND thoughts and LOVING words.

Now they STAND TOGETHER on the hill, telling each other stories and feeling the WARMTH of the sun on their backs.


 Edward Monkton China Coffee Mug from Muglamania Mugs

Edward Monkton Bone china mug 8cm tall x 7cm diameter is microwave and dishwasher safe. Capacity approx 300ml


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